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The beach on Juist islandOver time I have been to a number of places and collected my impressions in a series of mails, emails and posts all over the place. Now I have started to collect some of those travel experiences at this place. It is not yet complete, but I hope you enjoy whatever is here already.

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The major lesson I learned about the True Value of Art

What is the true value of art? Is it the price we pay or the feeling we get?

I have found this interesting article in the Washington Post that tells how an master artist went from making more …


Changes in perspective

If you could go back in time, what would you do different?

A former high-school class mate recently asked me if I could go back in time and choose differently, would I …


Impress your customers, clients and coworkers

What good service looks like

A frequently heard complaint is that service in Germany is really bad. Admittedly, this is often the case. However, this …


How to be different

Can anybody be different and make a difference?

The city of Berlin has many homeless people. I don't know their stories or their backgrounds. I just notice them …


Taiwanese Specialties

Some healthy things, some yummy things, and others

Previously, I had already written about Vietnamese specialties. Here I want to introduce two yummy Taiwanese desserts that I like. …


Avoiding a financial crisis

How can we do it next time?

We tried state-based economy (socialism). It didn't work. We tried free markets. It ultimately also failed. So should we try …


The future of vision

Are we only living short-term today?

Centuries, even millenia ago, a few people built things that were meant to last "forever". The grand cathedrals of Europe …


A Vietnamese specialty

It looks a little strange, but tastes quite well.

There is a specialty which allegedly is quite popular both in Vietnam and in the Philippines. Fertilized eggs — just …


The southern part of Taiwan

A little hotter, a little more quiet

The southern part of Taiwan is considered to be even hotter and more humid during Summer than Taipei. I have …


Signs and descriptions

Curious findings at the Kaohsiung MRT

The city of Kaohsiung (高雄) got their own metro system only recently in March 2008. It is in excellent condition, …


Design and branding

How to make an impact and a difference

This entry is not so much about travelling, but about how to improve the impressions we make.I recently looked into …


Getting to the top

The tallest mountain in Taiwan

How far is four kilometers? Depending on where you are and where you want to go four kilometers can be …


River Trekking

Interesting, challenging and quite wet

A popular sport on weekends in Taiwan is river trekking (溯溪). You dress in a diving suit, get in a …


Chinese tea ceremony

The Chinese can do it too

Everybody in the Western hemisphere has probably heard about Japanese tea ceremonies. With a sophistication close to that of martial …


Dating spots in Taiwan

Where you can take your date in Taipei and have fun

Many have asked for it — here they are! A list of dating spots in Taipei that are inexpensive and …


The Taipei zoo

A visit to the Taipei zoo

Feeling bored on the weekend? (In Taipei? No way!) Looking for interesting places to go out? The weather is fine? …


Taiwan Toastmasters

Our bilingual club with a unique concept

I found a pretty young club north of the center of Taipei. Initially, the club was named "Shilin/士林 Toastmasters", but …


Learning Chinese

Some insights into learning Chinese

One of the most useful things I have encountered during the recent years are Memory Systems. They are an ingenious …



Finding a Toastmasters club in Taipei

So far, I have just been to a Toastmasters meeting once — which is a pity since there are about …



A brief hiking trip to Yangmingshan

Inspired by the sunny weather I decided to go hiking today. Already the bus trip was quite exciting. Starting from …


More Taiji

More Taiji, the advanced class

Yesterday I have been to the advanced Taiji class for the first time. It started with the entire 108-move Yang-style …


Starting Taiji

Starting out with Taijichuan

After asking around on several occasions I finally learned that one of NTU's faculty members is a Taiji master who …


Public transport in Taipei

Pleasant experiences with subways and buses

The subway is called MRT or 捷運 (Jie2yun4) in Chinese. It has been built only very recently earlier this millennium. …


New cell phone

My new chic cell phone

Fortunately, my shiny new Motorola K1 can be switched to English. When I receive a Chinese text message and have …



Using the gym

The athletics facilities at the new gym at National Taiwan University are indeed not bad. I can use the entire …


Living in Taipei

Some impressions about life in Taipei

People generally are very friendly and helpful. Although not always fluent in English. But with some friendlyness, patience and sign …


Arrival in Taipei

First impressions of my new home

So, here I am. This is now that small island in the Southern Chinese Sea that will be my home …


My first Typhoon

Sometimes it can get a little windy

This weekend I have experienced my first Typhoon. Actually, it turned out to be quite an unspectacular event. I just …


Traveling to Korea

My first trip to Korea

The Baryons 07 conference took place in Korea at National Seoul University. The conference schedule was tight and a little …


Wikipedia on Witten

Surprising things to find on Wikipedia

I have noticed that my parent's hometown, Witten, has a very thorough entry in the German Wikipedia. Even the English …


Highlights of Arizona

A visit to the Wild West

I had the pleasure to visit Arizona once; this was my first (and so far) only visit to the southwestern …


The famous 2006 solar eclipse

My first time in Turkey and my second solar eclipse

I had already been to the solar eclipse in Central Europe in 1999, so this was the second time that …


Toronto and surroundings

A visit to Canada, worthwhile places to see

There are lots of places to see in the area. A typical Tourist attraction is the famous CN tower. One …


New England and the East Coast

Some impressions from New England and the East Coast of the US

The east coast of the United States of America has lots to offer. This page collects a few neat photos …


Traveling to Japan

Experiences from a trip to Japan

If there is any Japanese habit that makes an impression on people from the Western Hemisphere it is their friendliness …

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